A coalition of dental professionals and brands, redefining “business as usual” in our industry

Pouring from an empty cup isn’t just impossible; it’s risky business. During our public health crisis, we’ve come together as dental professionals, practice owners, creatives, innovators, brands, and entrepreneurs to care for the people who care. 

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Here’s what we provide for our dental community.

Unlock these benefits for your practice when you take the Smart Safety COVID-19 course.

Protect & Care

Discounted Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Insurance Coordination
Safety Protocol Training

Support & Inspire

Business Coaching 
Health Insurance 

Connect & Educate

Job Fairs & Postings
Continuing Education & Content
Discounts on 3rd Party Products

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Join us in creating a safer industry.

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Rebuilding our industry requires strong dental practices. 

Join CFABT, and you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 

Official brand partner recognition

Personalized assistance to improve COVID-19 safety standards

Wellness programs to support staff happiness and safety

Access to a wider network of dental and medical brands and leaders

3rd party discounts on services and products

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A thriving dental industry requires a thriving dental workforce. 

Be part of our community, and you’ll gain the following benefits: 

Access to job opportunities and fairs

A 100% free COVID-19 safety protocol training course

A 45K-strong community of dental professionals

Programs to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing 

Access to a wider network of dental and medical brands and leaders

3rd party discounts on services and products

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CFABT for Dental Professionals: How it all works

Be part of our community, and you’ll gain the following benefits: 


Sign a pledge as your commitment to #PracticeSafe, reimagine 'business as usual' and create a better world.


Go through our quick onboarding journey and unlock your #PracticeSafe badge. 

Share your new badge on your social platforms and show off your commitment to creating a safer industry!


Gain access to our marketplace and network which includes 3rd party discounts, wellness programs, and more.

This includes a free Smart Safety COVID-19 course through HLT.


We can’t change this industry without you. 

We rely on brands and corporations to provide the services and resources that will help dental professionals and practices thrive in our new normal. 

If you’d like to help, please reach out—and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why now?

The dental industry is at a crossroads. In the throes of a global pandemic, we’ve dedicated our lives to caring for others—to providing the best of ourselves, even when we, too, are suffering from the repercussions of COVID-19. 

But to do our work well, we must feel safe, confident, and empowered in the workplace. CFABT is co-creating a world where every medical worker has exactly what they need to prevent disease and enable more equitable outcomes for our society—all while finding our own fulfillment and happiness. 

We can’t do this without you.

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Who are we?

We’re The Alliance, an action-oriented think tank for the future of oral care.

From household names with 200+ years of history, to highly disruptive startups, to creative professionals with ambitions for a better world—we’re here for anyone who wants to reimagine the key systems of healthcare delivery. 

Everyday, we ask ourselves:

• What would it look like to prioritize preventative care through the dental community?

• How can we respond to healthcare needs or global health crises at our fullest capacity?

• When we learn to identify health risks early and emphasize total body well-being, how will our collective quality of life improve?

As we reset and rebuild, we are answering those pivotal questions together—as an Alliance dedicated to a better tomorrow.

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We’re here to help, always—with 24/7 support.

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Join us in creating a safer industry.

For Dental Professionals

The Care For a Better Tomorrow Alliance's Smart Safety COVID-19 Training Certification covers the top safety practices and information needed for professionals to operate safely. Upon completion, each person will receive a badge on their onDiem profile, along with COVID-19 best practices and safety certification.

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For Dental Facilities

Our 100% free Smart Safety COVID-19 course is designed to educate your dental staff on the latest practices and expectations from the CDC, CMS, ADA, and state boards. This course makes it easy to prepare your facility’s front-line staff for an infection control audit, and arms them with the safety tools they need to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

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The Free Smart Safety COVID-19 Course

The Care For a Better Tomorrow Alliance is offering a free training course in response to the outbreak, through Higher Learning Technologies and onDiem platforms. Upon completion, each participant will receive a badge on their onDiem profile, along with certification on COVID-19 best practices and safety.

Take the course through the link below.

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Safety starts with collective sense-making.

COVID-19 Course Objectives

• Understand the etiology of SARS-CoV2
• Describe clinical presentation of SARS-CoV2
• Identify sources and routes of COVID-19 transmission
• Recognize measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in dental practices

Smart Safety COVID-19 course

A safety community and hub unlike any other, for dental professionals and practices. 

There’s more to recovery than simply telling our dental workers to “get back to work.” onDiem and HLT have combined modern technology to provide real-time training. As the outbreak continues to evolve, new resources will be added and existing modules will be updated to best reflect the changing context. 

Take The Course

Here’s what we do.

We’re rebuilding our community—and supporting front-line workers when they need us most.


Start with these free benefits.

COVID-19 Resources

Our free database of guidelines, resources, and tips for the dental community.

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The Smart Safety Training program

The dental industry is at a crossroads. In this new reality, front-line workers must feel safe and empowered as they return to their life-saving roles. We’re here to help, with the tools, resources, and guidance that our front-line workers and practices need—now, more than ever. 

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We need your unparalleled leadership and insights, now more than ever.
Join the best minds in the industry to rebuild our community—and to gain access to our entrepreneurial network. Together, we’ll redefine “business as usual.” 

Dental  Practice

When you thrive, your patients receive the best care—and the world is made that much better.

Gain invaluable business coaching, improve efficiency, and enjoy crucial benefits and services from our platform of purpose-driven brands.

Dental Professional

You deserve the best physical, emotional, and financial care as you carry out your life-saving work.
Be part of a community that provides holistic care and invaluable resources, including access to insurance, counseling, and new income-earning opportunities.

Who’s with us?

Meet the members of The Alliance—the leading brands and companies of today, committed to opening the doors to a better tomorrow.