The Free Smart Safety COVID-19 Course

The Care For a Better Tomorrow Alliance is offering a free training course in response to the outbreak, through Higher Learning Technologies and onDiem platforms. Upon completion, each participant will receive a badge on their onDiem profile, along with certification on COVID-19 best practices and safety.

Take the course through the link below.

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Who's with us?

Why should all dental professionals and practices take this course?

In the era of COVID-19, information overload has made it difficult to pinpoint the most up-to-date safety protocols for our industry.

CFABT’s 100% free course, designed with our partners at HLT, BioShield Healthcare, and Forca Healthcare, is designed to help dental professionals and practices feel safe and empowered as they care for their patients. The course follows all current guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, and WHO—and we continuously update the content as new developments arise in the landscape.

Upon completion, every participant receives: 

• A printable Smart Safety COVID-19 certificate
• The #PracticeSafe Badge for sharing on social platforms and onDiem profiles
• Exclusive access to CFABT’s wider network and marketplace of resources

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Smart Safety COVID-19 course

COVID-19 Course Objectives

• Understand the etiology of SARS-CoV2
• Describe clinical presentation of SARS-CoV2
• Identify sources and routes of COVID-19 transmission
• Recognize measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in dental practices

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We’re rebuilding our community—and supporting front-line workers when they need us most.


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COVID-19 Resources

Our free database of guidelines, resources, and tips for the dental community.

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The Smart Safety Training program

Learn more about the Smart Safety COVID-19 course for...

The Smart Safety COVID-19 Course for Dental Facilities

Here’s how it works: 

Assign your #PracticeSafe Champion.

Choose a qualified, permanent member of your practice act as your #PracticeSafe Champion and take the course.

This person should be someone who can verify current best practices and safety protocols at your place of business.

Take the Smart Safety COVID-19 course.

Your #PracticeSafe champion will complete a short pledge to practice safely and responsibly, as part of a larger effort to mitigate risk in our industry. 

Your champion may then access and complete the free course, hosted by our partners at Higher Learning Technologies (HLT).

Receive your certificate and badge—and join our coalition.

You’ll receive: 

A printable certificate, to showcase your commitment to maintaining a safe environment for your clinicians and patients.

A #PracticeSafe badge, which can be shared on your onDiem profile or other online platform, to help boost staffing efforts and shift fulfillment.

Access to our exclusive marketplace and network, which includes COVID-19 compliance and safety resources, 3rd party discounts, business coaching, and automated insurance tools.

The Smart Safety COVID-19  Course for Dental Professionals

Here’s how it works: 

Pledge to #PracticeSafe

Sign a pledge to #PracticeSafe, as part of our larger efforts to mitigate risk and create a safer dental industry. 

Take the course—and gain your badge.

Complete the test—and unlock your #PracticeSafe badge and certificate. 

Share your new badge on your onDiem profile or on your social platforms—to show off your commitment to creating a safer industry. 

Join our larger community.

Completing the course gives you access to our larger marketplace and network, which includes 3rd party discounts, wellness programs, and more.

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CFABT for Dental Professionals: How it all works

Be part of our community, and you’ll gain the following benefits: 


Sign a pledge as your commitment to #PracticeSafe, reimagine 'business as usual' and create a better world.


Go through our quick onboarding journey and unlock your #PracticeSafe badge. 

Share your new badge on your social platforms and show off your commitment to creating a safer industry!


Gain access to our marketplace and network which includes 3rd party discounts, wellness programs, and more.

This includes a free Smart Safety COVID-19 course through HLT.

Who are we?

We’re The Alliance, an action-oriented think tank for the future of oral care.

From household names with 200+ years of history, to highly disruptive startups, to creative professionals with ambitions for a better world—we’re here for anyone who wants to reimagine the key systems of healthcare delivery. 

Everyday, we ask ourselves:

• What would it look like to prioritize preventative care through the dental community?

• How can we respond to healthcare needs or global health crises at our fullest capacity?

• When we learn to identify health risks early and emphasize total body well-being, how will our collective quality of life improve?

As we reset and rebuild, we are answering those pivotal questions together—as an Alliance dedicated to a better tomorrow.

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COVID-19 Unemployment Dental Reporting

Anonymously report COVID-19 cases in the dental setting to help us determine whether or not current CDC recommendations are enough to protect dental personnel and patients.

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COVID-19 Unemployment Dental Discussion

Get the latest career advice for dental professionals, opportunities out of the chair, and best practices on navigating the newest employment considerations and opportunities during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Dental
Discussion Group

Discuss protocols and recommendations, and share how dental offices are handling our extraordinary situation. A place where we can learn from each other and share resources.

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